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The surface onto which CUGLATON COLD must be applied needs to be clean. The cement skin coating should be removed and no free water may be present.

Pre-treatment with water

The surface must only be moistened with water (please: no free water!).


Pre-treatment with CUGLACRETE Hechtprimer cementgebonden or CUGLACRETE Hechtprimer Epoxy Sealer.

For an optimum bond we advise the use of CUGLACRETE Hechtprimer Cementgebonden, a cement polymer modified system, or CUGLACRETE Hechtprimer Epoxy Sealer, an epoxy-based system.


Mechanically mix CUGLATON COLD until a homogeneous mixture is formed. Mixing time depends on the type of mixer, mix at least 3 minutes.

Water dosage

Water bandwith: see front of bag. Within the specified water bandwith, dose such a large amount of water that a workability corresponding to the mortar type achieved, withou beelding.

Handling information

Processing time 15 minutes, at 5 °C

Environmental temperature minimum 0 °C, maximum 15 °C

Surface temperature > 0 °C

Follow-up treatment

The finished surface should be carefully protect from dehydration with Cugla Curing Compoun, or covered with plastic film.


Dry storage


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