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Special dry cement mortars

Cugla is also specialised in complicated construction issues and for this purpose it develops state-of-the-art tailored solutions. Cugla offers a complete range of special mortars under the name Cuglaton. Cuglaton low-shrink casting mortars are mainly applied in the residential and nonresidential building industry, as well as in roadway construction and hydraulic engineering projects. A growing number of companies is using Cuglaton Cold for applications under cold conditions. In the road construction sector Cuglaton steel fiber-reinforced mortar has an excellent reputation as a result of the rapid hardening and ease of application. Last but not least, our Cuglacrete concrete repair line has set the standard for concrete repairs. All Cugla products are CE and KOMO-certified.

Product groups

Cuglaton steel fibre mortars

A rapid compressive strength development of the expansion joints is important to comply with the requirements of Rijkswaterstaat, for example. Cugla developed a product range of steel fibre mortars named Cuglaton which develop a compressive strength (extremely) quickly to the desired 30 N/mm2. ...

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Cuglaton Cold

Cuglaton Cold comprises a range of casting mortars, rapid setting mortars and assembly mortars which are specially suited for applications at low temperatures or for applications where very rapid compressive strength development is required. At temperatures between 0 and 5°C these mortars realise...

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Cuglaton non-shrink mortars

Cugla provides an exceptionally wide-ranging assortment of special mortars, such as casting mortars, injection mortars, high-strength mortars, assembly mortars, underpinning mortars, cone mortars, trowelled mortars and rapid setting mortars for the assembly of both prefab concrete as well as steel...

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Cuglacrete concrete repair mortars

Cuglacrete is a complete range of concrete repair mortars. This range includes products based on portland cement and blast furnace cement, and from products which are highly suited for pretreatment and post-treatment of concrete repairs.

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