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New Construction of PI Zaanstad

Ballast Nedam / Royal Imtech

Engineering / construction:
HOCO Beton, Van de Boom, Haitsma Beton

Products Cugla:

An impressive complex

The new penal institution in Zaanstad replaces various out-dated institutions in the region of Amsterdam and costs no less than € 140 million. Cugla is also building at various sections of the impressive complex. The foundation installed on site was outsourced to Van de Boom who has a long-standing cooperation with Cugla. Two casting mortars have been used for pouring the footings: Cuglaton skid and casting mortar 4 mm. 

Prefab and on site

For the superstructure HOCO Beton from Weert is supplying prefab columns and walls. In addition, Haitsma Beton from Kootstertille is supplying the prefab cellular blocks. Cugla supplies the admixtures for this at both product locations. The three parties who have been designated for prefab assembly - Samonco NV, Vrolijks Prefab Betonbouw and De Wit Montage BV - use assembly mortar, rapid setting mortar K70 and the recently developed ultra-high strength mortar for super fast compressive strength building.

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