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Pile driving at wind park north east polder

NOP Agrowind, energiebedrijf RWE/Essent en Westermeerwind

Engineering / construction:
Enercon Hei- en funderingswerk: IJB Groep

Products Cugla:

Sustainable energy for 400,000 households

The largest wind park of the Netherlands on land and at sea is being built along the dykes of the IJsselmeer. With its 86 windmills (in 2015), the Wind Park North East polder generates approx. 1.4 billion kWh of clean, sustainable electricity per annum. Enough to provide electricity to more than 400,000 households annually. In the meanwhile the IJB Group has started with the pile driving and foundation work of the first 26 windmills.

A daring challenge

The construction of the windmills is a daring challenge. The centre of gravity (the turbine) of the windmills is at the top of the mast. Specialist knowledge was sought from the IJB Group on how to absorb the changing wind forces effectively and sustainably. In the Lemmer factory 1761 piles measuring 50 x 50 cm and 31 m long, are produced under preconditioned circumstances for this project. After the curing process they are positioned precisely and installed. To accomplish this, use is made of Europe’s largest pile driver.

Cugla Products

Cugla's admixtures are closely involved in this project. The self-compacting concrete is demoulded after 11 hours and must then attain a compressive strength of 30 N/mm2. Cugla provides a PCE admixture (polycarboxylate ethers) to attain the required processability. If this does not attain the required demoulding strength during the cold winter months, then the Cugla Accelerator V-20 con. 50% can be added.



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