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Groninger Forum

Municipality of Groningen

Engineering / construction:
BAM Utiliteitsbouw

Products Cugla:

They know Cugla's quality

In the spring of 2013 Cugla partnered with the purchaser from BAM, a construction company who is implementing the construction of the Groninger Forum. Area Sales Manager Gert van der Vegt (North Netherlands): "We often work together with BAM. We've provided a recommendation based on the requirements in the specifications. BAM knows Cugla's quality. That makes a difference. We put a great deal of time and energy into the supervision of this project. That gives us mutual confidence."

Initially Cugla was commissioned to supply mortar for the grouting of the prefab columns in the parking basement. At the first delivery Van der Vegt provided on-site advice about preparing and processing the mortars. 

Cuglacrete and Cuglaton Cold

Subsequently there was another request: the external walls of the parking basement were cast in-situ; minor repairs had to be carried out here and there. After inspection, Van der Vegt recommended which repair mortar from the Cuglacrete package would be most suitable. Mortars from the Cuglaton Cold range have been applied to guarantee construction during the winter months as well. 

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