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A new heart for the concrete lab

A new heart for the concrete lab

Cugla has a new heart for the concrete lab: the Zyklos mixer. This way Cugla can serve its clients even better. 

Better and more accurate methods of research
Cugla has an advisory role in both the production and the processing of concrete. In the concrete laboratory, we are continuously researching the performance of admixtures in concrete. Investing in a new Zyklos mixer makes it possible for Cugla to carry out research more accurately than ever before. What's more, Cugla can offer its customers rock-solid admixture solutions.

Continuous improvement
Toine Leijten, President of Cugla: "There is a growiong trend in the market to change and/or replace raw materials in concrete. We are dealing with different kinds of binding agents, new eco-fillers, you name it. These changes in raw material have a direct impact on the workability of concrete mortars. After all, the workability depends on the interaction between cement – filler – admixture and water. We continue to offer tailor-made admixture solutions based on research, so that our customers, concrete mixing plants and concrete factories, can continue to improve their production processes and products. The new Zyklos mixer is an excellent tool for this.

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