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Directions for use: Cuglacrete



The surface on which CUGLACRETE is to be applied must be clean. If possible, remove any cement skin. No free water may be present.

Pre-treatment with water

The surface only has to be moistened with water in advance (NB: no free water may be present).


Pre-treatment with CUGLACRETE hechtprimer cementgebonden, CUGLACRETE hechtprimer epoxy sealer or CUGLACRETE hechtprimer polymeer.

For optimal binding, we recommend using CUGLACRETE hechtprimer cementgebonden (a modified polymer adhesive system), CUGLACRETE hechtprimer epoxy sealer (an epoxy resin adhesive system) or CUGLACRETE hechtprimer polymeer (an acrylic resin polymer dispersion).


Mix CUGLACRETE mechanically to form a homogeneous paste. The mixing time is approximately 3 minutes, depending on the type of mixer.

Water quantity

Water range: see front of bag. Add as much water as possible within the specified range to achieve a consistency in line with the type of mortar being used without any bleeding.

Processing information

Processing time 30 minutes, at 20 °C
Ambient temperature minimum 5 °C, maximum 30 °C
Temperature of the surface > 5 °C


The finished surface must be carefully protected against drying out with Cugla Curing Compound, or covered with plastic sheeting.


Store in a dry place

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