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Admixtures for concrete

Cugla is also specialised in complicated construction issues and for this purpose it develops state-of-the-art tailored solutions. Using the name Cuglaton, Cugla presents a full array of special mortars. The Cuglaton low-shrink casting mortars are mainly applied in the residential and nonresidential building industry, as well as in roadway construction and hydraulic engineering projects. For applications in cold circumstances more and more companies are making use of Cuglaton Cold. In the road construction sector the Cuglaton steel fibre mortars have an infallible reputation as a result of the rapid hardening and the simplified application. Lastly, the Cuglacrete concrete repair range, in the meanwhile, has developed into the norm for concrete repairs. All Cugla products are CE and KOMO certified.

Product groups

Super plasticizers

Super plasticizers reduce the water content of a concrete mixture while maintaining or even improving the consistency. Super plasticizers are vital for the development of high quality concrete, such as low-compacting, self-compacting or high-strength concrete. As a result of the continuous...

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Air entraining agents

An air entraining agent is an additive for concrete which allows for the forming of a controlled amount of finely dispersed air bubbles during the mixing process. These little air bubbles continue to remain present after the hardening of the concrete mixture. When the concrete has hardened, the...

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Pavings by Cugla are special admixtures for manufacturing earth-moist concrete. The pavings can be applied both for manufacturing concrete elements (clinkers and tiles) as well as in concrete road construction. Cugla's pavings has a positive influence on the processability, compactibility,...

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By adding VMAs (Viscosity Modifying Agents) in combination with super plasticizers it is possible to produce a robust concrete mortar - with a relatively low volume of fine particles - which is very stable and easily processed.  

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Plasticizers are an additive to a concrete mixture to reduce the water content of a concrete mixture without altering the consistency. Plasticizers improve the dispersion of cement particles which increases the processability. Manufacturers of truck-mixed concrete use plasticizers mainly to...

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Retarders are admixtures for concrete which delay the start of the bonding or extend the processing time. Retarders offer various practical and logistical benefits. Retarders are highly suitable when clients or commissioning parties expect lengthy transportation, waiting or processing times.

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Accelerators are admixtures for concrete which accelerate the bonding. This happens, for example, by reducing the transition from the plastic phase to the set phase of the mixture. In addition, accelerators can be used to enhance the strength development in the initial phase. Hence an...

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Foaming agents

Cugla foaming agents are used for the manufacture of foam concrete. In its elementary form foam concrete consists of 4 components: cement, water, a foaming agent and air. A low weight, minimal water absorption, thermal insulation and durability are the most important properties of foam concrete. ...

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