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Making concrete stronger and better. That's our mission in a nutshell. Cugla has been strengthening the backbone of the construction world for more than 40 years. Every day the concrete mortar industry, the concrete product industry and building contractors rely on our products and take advantage of the technical know-how and innovation of our specialists.

Concrete solutions

Our technicians and consultants are involved at the base of the most advanced building projects in the Benelux.

Every day we aspire to make concrete even better and stronger with our admixtures. Cugla has been strengthening the backbone of the construction world for over 40 years. Cugla specialises in the development and production of admixtures for concrete and cement-based special mortars. Our aspiration? Making the building industry future-proof with our high-grade products. Because things can always be faster, more efficient and more beneficial.

Concrete knowledge & facilities

Knowledge is the foundation of our market leadership. Our activities are designed to maintain our competitive edge and to build on it.

The success we have achieved in the past 40 years didn't just fall into our laps and it never will. Our customer-orientated research & development was, is and will always be a crucial success factor. Right from the start we've continuously invested in our laboratory, in our production locations, in our people, and in our knowledge. Our highly qualified staffs work with sophisticated equipment in our state-of-the-art laboratory. Here they continuously develop tailor-made, high-quality products that contribute to durable concrete structures. Our products undergo the strictest quality control measures: all Cugla-products are CE and/or KOMO-certified. Our concrete admixtures and the cement-based specialty mortars are produced in our own ultramodern production plants at our sites Breda. Our cutting edge production processes are also certified.

We develop new products on our own initiative and in response to market demand.

To continue to improve our products and respond to market demand , we regularly stay in touch with manufacturers, suppliers and the government. By sharing and testing our knowledge and putting it to the test, we contribute in a very real way to quality improvement and innovation in the industry. We maintain close contact with international knowledge institutions and follow developments closely. We translate these into our customers' concrete needs.

Concrete support

The way in which we work and are organized sets us apart from the rest

Our Account and Product Managers are closely involved in each project and offer support in choosing the right products. They also give advice on how to apply and process them. Is it a complicated project? We can visit you at the construction site and offer advice and technical guidance. To us, service should be tailored down to the very last detail. From the start, we think along with you about ideal solutions for the builder and the construction work. They're always under pressure: financially, construction-wise and often time-wise. This combination of factors invariably demands flexibility. And we do everything in our power to make it work: we think on our feet and make the impossible possible. Cugla's services also include monitoring the entire logistical process. We manage the transport of our products ourselves. This way our customers can be completely confident that they will receive our products on time. Concerning projects where time is of the essence, we plan our time schedule efficiently so that we can meet the needs of our customers. If necessary, we deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That goes without saying.

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